100pcs/set Disposable Gloves Latex Gloves Universal

$75.99 $49.99

  •  Vinyl is a synthetic material made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Its elasticity is lower than acrylic and latex,
    giving it a more loose fit and a smooth, comfortable feel. Helps prevent allergic reactions latex protein
  •  Vinyl gloves are ideal for food service, hygiene and other light industrial applications
  •  Powder-free gloves do not leave residue, which reduces the risk of contamination compared to powder gloves.
  •  The thickness of the palm and fingers around the glove is 0.03 mm, from the fingertips to the glove cuffs 24.13 cm
  •  Sizes range from S to L. Box of 100.
100pcs/set Disposable Gloves Latex Gloves Universal
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